Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Now that competition season has finished I am analysing the year past and planning for the next as well as trying to keep warm. Whilst all this is going on approx 15 242 k's away (as the crow flies), 2015 5 Year Old Young Event Horse champions of America are being born! This filly was foaled about 48 hours ago on my mum's farm in Australia. The foal is out of Jerry's (readers would remember he came over from Australia a couple of months ago) mother and carries the world famous Sandro, Pik Bube and Ramiro Z bloodlines on his father's side. She'll spend the next couple of years growing up in Australia before coming over here to be broken in and campaigned.
My mum takes care of the mares and raises the foals making sure they grow up into the performance horses they are bred to be!!
The filly is currently unnamed. We'll take your suggestions and will use the best name as her show name!!! She's Australia born to an Australian mother with all German bloodlines. And as you'll all agree (Australian or American) she's about as pretty as you could get!!


Amber Heintzberger said...


amy said...

I'd call her "Beauty" or use that as her barn name. She is something alright! Congrats

Aslo White said...

Wow! She is gorgeous, and you know how I have a soft spot for paints! I'd call her Belle ("beauty" in both German and Italian).

marg said...

Very spunky! I'd go with the morse code theme, for a daughter of SOS. Dot, or Dash. Had the thought that Cate Blanchett's son's name, Dashiel, could be feminised to Dashiela...Aussie-fied to Da Sheila, (Like Da Vinci?? Da Vinity?)
Change the spelling to Da Sheelagh, like an Irish sporthorse flavour, or a Shelally (some sort of weapon; a 'cosh' to give her a winning edge.)
Love playing with names, but it's got to suit the character!!??

Craig said...

Hannalore.....good German name.

victorysporthorses said...

Great ideas!

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