Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fair Hill

I think I may have jinxed the competition at Fair Hill this weekend when I said 'Rain? What rain? These weather forecasts are ALWAYS wrong! They exaggerate SO much!'..... This I said on Saturday afternoon, so of course I woke up to pouring rain on Sunday! And as the day went on it got heavier and heavier. So to everyone who had to compete in the rain, I'm sorry and I accept full responsibility. It did however work out well for me tho with Liberty jumping a super clean round to finish second. This is the second event in a row that we've been runner up. And both times to a boy... Quite unchivalrous of them, they could have had the decency to have a rail! I don't think that's unreasonable, it's not like I wanted them to fall off. Any way I'm super happy with how this little horse is coming along. Cole was back on form this week and ended up 5th in a very big division. Again it was his dressage that kept him from the top position. Normally I understand that, I've made no secret that his flatwork is a work in progress, but this time he did a very consistent and accurate test. All the movements were performed clearly and well. He just lacked the expression on Tortilas. So I was a bit disappointed to see him scored so far down the list. But that's why we love this sport isn't it! And there's always another chance. Ron was great. He was quite feisty in the dressage but then jumped his way back into favour with a super xc round. So I was happy with them all. I have to say Chloe did a great job this weekend, while I was checking out who likes my status' on Facebook and checking my messages, she was working away ensuring the horses were happy and ready on time looking beautiful. You know a person has worked hard when they're asleep driving home. And you haven't even driven out of the competition yet! So thanks Chloe. Next up is Loudoun HT.

Liberty showjumping.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Home sweet home!

Spring each year is hectic and just getting more so! Between Poplar, moving back to MD, Morven and Easter, there's a lot going on. The move back in itself is time consuming and a logistical nightmare. 10 horses with only 9 spots on the trailer? Sometimes there isn't always room for one more.... Thanks to Rege Dvorsky (Cole) and his granddaughter Addison for helping with the move back. Firstly to Poplar: I had Cole in the advanced. His dressage was quite good, just the trot half pass lacking expression and we missed on of the changes. The cross country looked tough enough but definatley doable. The warmup was in one of the beautiful sand rings at the wonderful facility and over only showjumps. It didn't click with Cole that he was going xc until we went to the start box AFTER we'd warmed up. He got quite 'up' at that point and left the start box like a bat out of hell! NOT his normal style! The combination that was causing most of the trouble for the class was a vertical, 4/5 strides left to a corner, 4/5 strides right to a skinny. Every other horse seemed to misread the corner and glance of it. There were even some elimantions there. Cole jumped thru that part like a little rubber ball. I was a bit surprised how well he read it and I lost my line to the skinny. So 20 penalties there and I decided to save his legs and walk home. Obviously I needed to be better organised. He'll next go to Plantation (easy run around the intermediate) the to Fair Hill (back in the advanced. I have to say the orgainsers at Poplar couldn't have been better at helping the riders and accomodating their requests. Particularly after a torrential storm flooded the stalls: Poplar made sure we had plenty of fresh shavings to mop up as best we could.
Morven was lot of fun as it always is. I had three horses there, all of whom finished on their dressage scores. The two VS McCuan horses both did very well coming home with a red ribbon each. Liberty and Ronnie are both VERY different horses in a lot of ways. The only way they are similar is they both enjoy bucking and the both are never give up thoroughbreds! Liberty is lining up for his first one star at Fair Hill so I took it easy on him. He still made the time without any trouble and was a blast around the course. Even thru the quarry which wasn't really set on a particular distance, unless you count two and a half strides a distance....
Back at home it's teaching and training for me and a full schedule thru Spring heading into summer. Plantation this weekend with Cole, Charmer (preparing for her debut with Beth) and Ron. Followed by Fair Hill CIC the Loudoun, MCTA.

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