Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer riding.

Cole galloping cross country showing his super athleticism.

For me summer is a very busy time with a lot of riding and competing, mostly with young horses starting out. When it's so hot it is difficult for the horses to work effectively so start riding at 5.30 am so they can still have their regular work routines. Then I finish around 1pm and start back at about 5 or 6 teaching. I won't say what I do in the middle part of the day but the words 'tan', 'pool' and 'sleep' all spring to mind! Cole is back in work after Bromont and training VERY hard in the dressage arena. The deal is if he goes on the bit and moves like a warmblood I'll give him an entire bag of carrots! We're still in the negotiating stage at this point, I may have to up it to two bags of carrots.... In all seriousness he is definitely improving with both his submission and paces. He can be so frustrating being that he is so athletic and has such a great temperament, he just mentally needs to figure it out. It's fairly new to him so I believe he'll still work thru it. Jumping wise he's more than ready for the intermediate level, we just need the darn dressage!
Loch Moy I and II are the next couple of weekends with Dressage at Lexington next Friday as well. So we are busy busy.

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