Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer is well and truly in full swing here with temperatures heading towards 100 (37c) this week! As is usual for this time of the year we start riding at 5am so the 15-20 horses can all get worked in the relative cool of the day. Coming from Australia I should be acclimatised to the heat and humidity, but I can't say I enjoy it! I tend to back off competing thru July as it's just too bloody hot for the horses and the people to be performing at their best. Plus my team has been competing since January and they're always looking for a break mid year. Having said that I did compete at Loch Moy I and II, they always do such a super job of cooling everyone down. With fans and water stations wherever you turn, it's hard to be too hot for too long. At Loch Moy II I had 7 rides, amongst them were Cole and Liberty fresh off from their post Bromont break. And when I say fresh, I quite literally mean it! Cole was feisty in the sj, and Liberty was just plain feisty. It's great when you can tell these horses really love their work, champing at the bit so to speak! Charmer put in a super performance finishing on her dressage score and bringing home 4th place. And I had yet another win on Jane Gilbert's Larry! The only dampener on the weekend lay with me and my DDD - Directional Deficit Disorder! I jumped the incorrect 9 b on Liberty and had to circle back to find the right one.... This coming weekend I have another clinic with Nick Fyffe, he has been a massive help in getting my scores back down where they ought to be. Then my next event will be Millbrook in NY. I love this event and can't wait to get back in the thick of it! Until next time, wherever you are, stay cool! Or warm!

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Think as "COOL" as you need, Kate!

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