Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cole warming up for a lesson.
I love Olympic years and this is probably the most exciting one for me yet with so many friends in contention. As well as exciting it’s also super motivating, making it very easy to get up with my alarm at 5 am each day! In order to get the most effective ride on each horse, I try to get them ridden before it gets too hot. This week I took Cole to a clinic with Irish eventing hero Eric Smiley. Waredaca Farm hosts him each year, however this was my first time riding with him. I’m never quite sure what to expect when I go to a clinic, it’s hard to change your riding (nor do I want to) in one go. I really hope to get one or two pointers that I haven’t thought of and a tune up of ideas I may have been working on. Eric did just that, making our lesson well worthwhile.
Back on the home front in Australia mum has been making up for the loss of our wonderful mare Fifi in a big way! She got news thru the grapevine of a group of young warmbloods who had found themselves in the local slaughter pen. As foals and yearlings it seemed a little unfair and that their lives would be wasted so prematurely that she brought home the ones that look as tho the will grow into performance horses. So now she has her hands well and truly full! It's quite amazing to think of what their fate would have otherwise been....

One of the lucky, unnamed, youngsters.


amy said...

Way to go Dorne Chadderton! Just watch one of these rescues be one of Kate's next 4* horse!

Dorne Chadderton said...

I hope you're right, Amy ! But,for the moment, It's fun just getting to know them.There is a yearling ( although I think he's probably closer to 2YO), who is really sweet and friendly, and the foal( the one pictured)who is a lot more stand-offish.The older one is called Arrow ( for the time being, at least), because one of the ladies who works for me thought his blaze looked like an arrow. The foal has been named Homer, because that's the name that popped into my head the first time I saw him.

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