Friday, September 7, 2012

AEC's Day 2

Today was a mix of fortunes with both Liberty and Bucky breezing around the xc clear and inside the time. Liberty was first to go and had the added challenge of competing in a thick fog! I could barely see where we were going, lucky Liberty just jumps whatever is in his way, so provided I kept him going in the right direction the course posed no problems. I did feel as tho we needed some fog lights! Bucky was his normal speedy and clear self. I don't have to press him to go very fast in order to make the time as he naturally doesn't waste time at the fences. Fudge is sitting pretty in the top ten after a lovely test. He goes xc tomorrow. I had a very frustrating ride with Cole with some equipment issues forcing us to walk home. This is wildly annoying as he is jumping super at the moment and a fast round would have had him in the top 10. Show jumping starts tomorrow so I had better go and make sure the horses have their jumping shoes on.

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marg said...

Does that mean you had to Withdraw Cole? What happened? Does sound frustrating! All the best for the S-J with the other three!!Looks a beautiful course!!! after the fog lifts.

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