Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Blue Ribbons!

Tony and I had another fantastic win in Lexington, VA, qualifying him for the BLM Championships in the process. His progress through the levels has so far been filled with blue ribbons and this one is one of the most rewarding as the classes were pretty big and the horses and riders tough to beat. The good news keeps on coming this week with the news that Patrick McCuan's Mario and I have qualified for the American Eventing Championships to be held in Chicago. Rhythm and Blues has also qualified for the Young Event Horse Championships.

I'm excited with the newest addition to my team, a chestnut mare by the name of Lois. At four years of age she has a big future ahead of her. One of the most athletic horses I've seen in a long time, her jump is exciting and with her natural movement and great work ethic will have her in the ribbons in no time.

Amy Gaynor has been going well with her own Jake, winning some blue ribbons lately. Abby Gibbon with her mare Prima won second place at Maryland Horse Trials on the weekend, losing only in a count back. Alex Macleod is doing a great job with all of my horses and providing great entertainment throughout the day!

Thanks for taking the time to read my updates, we're enjoying quite a lot of success at the moment! Take care and have fun with your horses!

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amy said...

Go Kate on Mario, Tony and Budda at the BLMs and AECs. And pray for NO RAIN this year! Congrats on making it again

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