Monday, July 20, 2009

Time to Shine!

Monty the wonder pony!

It's important to keep the jumping skills fine tuned so yesterday Alex MacLeod (my working student) and I headed to Virginia to compete in a show jumping competition. Me with Mario and Boo and Alex with Monty and Wes. Alex has had Monty since before she reach the pedals in her car and has trained him the whole way along, in the process winning national show jumping championships. So it was no surprise that she won her division on him, however it was a surprise just how much she won by. Let's just say that in the jump off she could have sat down and had a cup of tea and still won! Wes also did well by jumping clear in his first time at a show since he hurt himself.

Mario was the superstar of the day winning both of the big classes in style, along the way winning champion! He jumped super and didn't touch a rail all day. Boo jumped in two classes coming second in one and having an unfortunate rail in the other. All in all it was a very productive day were both the horses and riders had positive rides. Thanks for stopping by!

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jay said...

Way to go. Glad Wes is better.
jay and cygnet

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