Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Horse - Press Release.

Civil Liberty is the latest horse to join Kate Chadderton's team of eventers Burt (as he's known in the barn) is an American TB gelding and is 7 years old. Currently competing at Training level, he will move up to the Preliminary level at Movern Park Spring horse trials in VA. He has been produced and purchased from Sue Southard of VA who campaigned him from Beginner Novice thru Training. From Kate 'Sue has done a super great job of guiding his early training, a task which I'm sure wasn't the easiest given his boisterous and creative nature! I'm very excited about our future together and I also have to thank Sunset Hill, McCuan Farms, for their continued faith and support'. Kate and Burt have completed two events in the last two weekends finishing in the ribbons on both occasions, what a great start! He will make his international debut at Fair Hill in April and is aimed towards Bromont, Canada, 1 star at the end of spring.

Kate's team also enjoys the continued enthusiasm and support of the MacLeod family, the Taggart family, Rege Dvorsky and Jeanne Leonne plus my students.


Aslo White said...

Isn't he pretty!!!

Very exciting, can't wait to meet him.

BTW should that be "Bert," for "Civil LiBERTy?"

Congrats on the new blog look! It's very attractive.

Ross Martin said...

No doubt about it... Katie Chadderton will have her name up in lights before too long

Ross Martin said...

Katie Chaddertn's name will be up there in lights beore too long MARK MY WORDS

marg said...

Karma, Kate! It's now in writing that any "liberty's" taken will be "Civil".
Is that in his contract or yours, or are you in mutual accord.
Sounds like a partnership full of potential!!

victorysporthorses said...

Thanks Rosco!

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