Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jerry showing the American horses how Australian horses buck!
After a mammoth journey taking in the length of Australia, the breadth of America and THREE countries, Jerry has arrived! Some unfortunate truck related issues cut short my trip to the AEC's (somewhere around Virginia) where I was to pick him up. Luckily Courtney Cooper (of C Square Farm) was able to transport him back to her farm where I picked him up. Let me recap his journey from the middle of nowhere in Australia to the horse hub of America, Maryland.

Brisbane to Melbourne via road - 22 hours

Melbourne to LA via air - 15 hours

LA to Georgia via road - 42 hours

Georgia to Pennsylvania via road - 14 hours

Pennsylvania to Maryland via road - 2 hours

So it's understandable that when I turned him out he wasn't quite sure if this is in fact his new home! The only reason I think he trusted me is because I have a familiar accent.. He'll have a few days off while I'm at Plantation CIC then it'll be on with the training and who knows what lies ahead for him!


Ross Martin said...

Katie Chadderton:

{I've just typed several very difficult to read security scrambled words]

I love getting your blogs.

Keeps me up to date more than next door in Terrey Hills.

Cheers Big Ears Ross Martin X

jay said...

Kate-- Jerry has had quite a journey.
Heck of a buck!

Aslo White said...

Hey Kate,
He's a gorgeous mover. I look forward to seeing him bloom under your tutelage. :-)

marg said...

Looks to be in great nick, Kate! And is obviously well-practised at getting on and off trailers/planes etcetera.
It's amazing that such a youngster can cope with such a dramatic trip so well!!
Did he show this form in training with Dom?? Great kick up behind!!

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