Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Interesting winter statistics

Morven Park was last weekend but more about that later. I thought it would be interesting to go over a few statistics from my winter. These are by no means exhaustive and only relate to the traveling between the two states. I'm not much of a person for recording stuff like this and I only starting thinking about it when I was wondering why I have been off the social scene (I say that like I was hitting up all the fancy do's around town, I wasn't!) for the past six months. The opportunity to train and compete in the south in the winter (where it's warm, for the Aussies reading) comes from my students allowing me to leave and travel back once a week to teach everyone on my day off, Monday. Typically I fly to MD out of Augusta on Sunday night then back on Tuesday morning. This means that the horses don't miss any rides, Monday's are also their day off. As I don't have a second vehicle I used a mix of rental cars and the generosity of Beth Sokohl, her car. 32 flights (38 hours flying) 5860 miles driven between MD and SC 100 hours driving $2200 fuel 6 horses qualified for the AEC's at prelim and intermediate Schedule for last week: Saturday SC to MD Saturday teaching Sunday MD to SC Sunday ride SC horses Tuesday SC to MD Tuesday teaching Wednesday MD to SC Wednesday ride SC horses Thursday Showjumping in Atlanta, GA Friday SC to MD Friday Morven course walk and ride Morven horses That was 66 hours driving, 20 lessons and 2 horse shows in 2 states within 6 days. Obviously the real reason behind the complilation and presentation of these figures is that I'm seeking a joint sponsorship from Red Bull and Pandora radio! The only reason I'm able to stay awake. Oh that and a bit of help from Verizon would be great too! I'm scared to open my latest phone bill.... I use the time difference (I typically drive at night) to stay in touch with my Australian friends. I went down with 10 horses and a dog and came back with 11 horses and 2 dogs. Go figure! At least the horses were different horses and the team came back stronger. Briefly to Morven and Atlanta. Cole was 3rd in the Intermediate, Bert finished on his dressage score of 38 in his first prelim (novice for the aussies), Pheobe scored a 28. I also took the opportunity to test my air vest (it works!) in a small tumble in the prelim. Alex MacLeod was second in the intermediate. Alex is 18 yo and this is her 2nd intermediate horse to be in the ribbons. Not a bad effort considering she's a full time uni student and only has one horse in work at a time. Darcy Swain won her division on a 22! Amy Gaynor and Lisa Kurr both posted clear cross country and had good show jumping round. I competed Mario in the 1.3m and 1.4m (BIG!!) classes at the Altanta Spring Classic where he jumped clear in the first class and had one rail in the second. I look forward to continuing his career in the jumper ring this year. Thanks for reading and staying up to date. I love the feedback I get, keep it coming!


marg said...

Like I thought! Superwoman!
Hope Superwoman is being sustained by the latest nutritional supplements available....sponsored by???

Mary said... can take this week off then! :) LOL Wow! I don't know how you do it all! We sincerely appreciate your commitment to your MD students during your winter competition season so far away! Congrats on your many accomplishments this winter!

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