Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mid Spring catch up!

Liberty and I winning at Shawan Downs.
It's been a pretty busy Spring so far with some very good results from the horses. I've been particularly happy with Rege Dvorsky and Jeanne Leone's Collection Pass. He's had some great runs at advanced and, with a super run at Fair Hill CIC 3 star finishing 7th, he's well on track for Bromont CCI at the beginning of June. VS McCuan Civil Liberty has also been going very well with wins and placings setting him up for Bromont too. The third Bromont horse will be Checkout The Charmer (Beth Sokohl) who has had quite a nice spring too, although she did miss MCTA.

MCTA this year was another excellent event with 3 of my 4 entries going well. I'm still getting to know Brilliant Truth but was happy with how she went, the beginner novice horse 'Nibs' was super at his first event and Liberty won the intermediate along with the perpetual trophy for best score! The advanced track was not as good as it could have been causing many problems to experienced horses that perhaps it shouldn't have. Hopefully they can improve on it for next year as it would be lovely to have the event as a stand out in Area II. It's one of the few advanced horse trials in the area. I personally had a problem with my stirrups while on Cole and, despite my best attempts to 'Mark Todd' it, I wasn't successful...!

This weekend I'm at Fair Hill and Leesburg, followed by Flora Lee, Waredaca then onto Bromont. If I can I may try to squeeze a quick trip to HITS Saugreties to put the final sj touches on the Bromont horses.
Cole showing his scope at Southern Pines.

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