Saturday, June 8, 2013

Xc at Bromont

I had a great day with my two OTTBs! Despite time faults on both of them they jumped like absolute superstars in really rough conditions. Cole just kept on trying and trying and came home clear with quite a few time faults. I'm just thrilled with how he answered every question and wanted do his best for me. Liberty started out a bit wildly and very much wanting to take control. Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes it's bad! I wasn't sure how it would work out but he must have seen the course map because it all worked out well! The Bromont organizing committee did an amazing job to look after the footing, but it was an uphill battle that no one could win. Thanks Jenny and Jordan for doing all the foot work today and keeping the horses and I on time and happy. Cole is currently sitting in 12 th and Liberty in 4 th.

Thanks to Sylvain from Volvo for the photo of Cole jumping the 3rd.

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