Sunday, October 24, 2010

Alex and Jimmie win Waredaca!

After retiring Arrow Alex MacLeod has kept up her incredibly successful with a win on her new horse Railroad Man Jim. As she has been doing all year she beat the professionals in an open division with a clear sj and a couple of time faults xc. Darcy Swain has also kept up her winning form taking home a blue ribbon at the BLM dressage championships.

While these guys were competing I had the pleasure of taking the weekend off to attend the wedding of my good friend, and fellow rider, Dom Schramm. His new wife, Jimmie Holotik, is also a rider and their wedding made a fair dent on the entries at Waredaca Horse Trials with Boyd Martin, Ryan Wood, Jennie Brannigan and myself prefering the wedding festivities to cantering around a field in Laytonsville! Also attending was Nicholas Fyffe who is currently living in Germany. Boyd, Nick, Ryan, Dom and myself spent years competing and training together in Australia and it's been a while since we've all been in the same place at the same time so we took the opportunity to have some down time and a couple of quiet beers.

Next up is for my horses is Rubicon although I do have some students going to VA HT next week.


marg said...

Is Dom embracing Texas? Good excuse for a party!!

amy said...

"quiet beers?" ya, right!

Ross Martin said...

Struth, I just typed a comment and lost it. Oh well....

I remember going to the Randwick Races in Sydney with you, Katie, Dom; Boyd; Crackers; Commanche; Woodsie; Nick and some other dropkicks for a few quiet beers.

Can't remember getting home from Kings Cross????

The BIG QUESTION IS: Will Texas be big enough for Dom????

I love your website katie

Cheers Big Ears Ross

victorysporthorses said...

That may have a little bit to do with your memory Ross.... I remember it all pretty clearly! Thanks for your continued support!

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