Friday, October 11, 2013

It's been a busy few months and I have a lot to catch up on! Our fall season has been heating up starting with Richland, MI. This year was my first time at this CIC held in Kalamazoo. Apart from not believing Kalamazoo was a real name (like Abu Dhabi it features in a lot of Garfield cartoons!), I loved this event! I made the trip with just Cole in the 3 star and Liberty in the 2 star. Liberty put in a fast, clear xc to finish 11th in a field of 70. Even tho he did make his own small detour into the corn field, we'll have to work on that.... He followed that up with another strong showing at Plantation in the 2 star but I'll get to that a bit later. Cole was also super on the cross country at Richland, posting a lovely clear round on the big, bold Ian Stark designed course.

Cole at Richland.
Brinkman photo

Plantation for me was the event of the year that just didn't come together. For a multitude of reasons! Liberty did a very nice test only to be scored fairly conservatively. His xc was excellent. The showjumping was the real downer for him tho. He warmed up extremely well and was very very focused on his job. As I was to jump the final warm up fence before going into the ring a well known trainer/horse dealer walked RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM! As he was 2 strides from the fence! In his efforts to avoid her and jump the jump he went down on the landing side. For a horse that works as hard and is as careful as Liberty he took it very personally and was a bit taken aback. So he had 2 down which was a bit disappointing. The said trainer was so oblivious she didn't even notice what she had done... I went quietly back to the trailer so I didn't relay my emotions to her as I came out of the ring, no one wants to see me mad! For Cole it was a forgettable event. After one off only a few clear rounds in the sj I was happy to head into the xc. However it wasn't a course that rode well for us and, with Fair Hill in mind, I pulled him up to save him for another day. I did love the event tho, the organization was fantastic, a true destination event!

Liberty at Swan Lake

And that other day was the very next weekend at Middleburg! After a strong dressage that left him in the lead, he show jumped clear and was fast around the cross country to win yet another competition for the year! I'm glad I listened to my horse and kept the big event (Fair Hill) in mind. Bucky was also back in fine form with a very strong 4th place finish.
Last weekend I took advantage of no eventing to brush up on my showjumping skills at Swan Lake. Cole won a decent class with the only clear in the jump off. Bucky also won a blue ribbon and Liberty won a nice 3rd to Cole's 1st.

Bucky at Middleburg
grc photo
So I think we're ready Fair Hill next week, esp with the trot up gear Jackie Gilbertson has provided me with! Let's just say it involves tights....! This weekend I'm eventing at Loch Moy on Bucky and Charmer if this darned rain ever stops!

Until next time, thanks for reading!

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Just remember that I am from Kalamazoo and learned to event there!

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