Monday, May 2, 2011

This weekend I didn't compete any of my horses, I'm still taking care of an annoying head injury that's taking a little while longer than expected to dissipate.... Therefore I'm only doing the shows I really need to in order to qualify each horse. Riding at home is all back to normal, just making sure I'm healthy again before starting to compete full on again. That doesn't mean it was a quiet weekend with my students tho! At Loudoun Darcy Swain attempted to continue her unbeaten winning streak, which looked positive after the dressage, however a rail relegated them to 4 th place.. Still a ribbon's a ribbon! Beth Sokohl made her first outing since last year a successful one with a close 2nd. A costly mistake in the canter in the dressage cost them a higher place but it was definitely a great start to the season! Amy Gaynor riding her own Cindy finished on her dressage score to end up 2nd at Potomac. This is great as her dressage continues to improve. Meghan Avella convincingly won her division which was great to see. Sometime student but always Australian, Ema Klugman also won her division! She's worked very very hard with her mare and deserved her blue ribbon!

The obvious conclusion to be drawn from this weekend is that I don't actually need to be competing in order for my team to be bringing home the ribbons! Just the excuse I needed to escape to the Bahamas for a week.... I wish!

I think there was some other show on this weekend too. Rolex something? May have been in Kentucky.... And it may have led to me being a VERY distracted trainer obsessed with checking my phone for scores every two minutes... Thanks Julie, Beth and Jenny for pretending to not notice! Congratulations to Mary King for dominating the weekend finishing 1st and 2nd.

This blog is about my (owners) horses, career and the show results of my students. It's a personal collection of results, thoughts and updates, therefore I don't normally talk about anything outside of that (noone wants to hear the inner workings of my brain aside from the horsey bits!). However Lisa Kurr is one of my favourite and most committed students (I have a few) as well as team supporter. She had a very routine operation to repair her meniscus (skiing injury) that unfortunately turned bad. She developed a horrible infection that's left her in a lot of pain and laid up for 3 weeks and counting. My point is GET BETTER LISA! I know there are far worse problems to have in the world (like who ran into the side of my new truck...) but I'm sure you understand her despair of not being able to ride her horse.


marg said...

If Mary King can overcome head injuries so gloriously, who are you to Not??
Positive thoughts to the injured warriors, Kate and Lisa!
Congratulations to Darcy, Beth Meghan, Amy, Cindy and Ema!!

lisa said...

Thanks, Kate....I will be better soon enough and bothering you on a regular basis

amy said...

These ribbons are a testimony to a great trainer! (Even w/a head injury, you teach better than them all :)
Hope you are "back in the saddle" soon Lisa!

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