Monday, November 24, 2008

November 22/23 Shows. Success!!!! Again!!!

Photo by Amber Heintzberger

Team Chadderton had another exceptionally good weekend at VADA/NOVA's 25th Anniversary weekend at Morven Park! I thought we were in for a bad show when I walked outside on Saturday and it was 24 degrees. And windy!! For an Australian who has only just learnt the term 'thermal underwear', that is COLD! Anyhow, I didn't turn around and go back inside to bed, mostly because I thought Liz (Crooners owner) would kill me, and I found myself at Morven Park. Now Crooner is an 'I wish' horse. As in 'I wish' he were five years younger, 'I wish' he were an eventer and 'I wish' he were mine! Liz has been very successful on him winning a lot in the Pas De Deux's with Sam Smith. This was my first show on him and he did very well by winning one test on a 71% and coming second in the other. Linda Lewis also had a great show along with her horse Chevy. Her husband is a meteorologist so I would have expected him tell her to not go, or at persuade her she'd be more comfortable at her home by the fire. But No,! He turned up with her, with just as much enthusiasm. Both smiling away and saying they were having fun. So I was very excited when Linda won her BLM qualifying test. Linda works very hard and has been out of the show ring for a few years.

Saturday was the first time I've had the opportunity to see Liz's Pas De Deux and I was very very excited by it. Anytime you have Disney music, enthusiastic people and grey horses in one arena I'm excited! They did a great job and I still can't get 'Fortuosity' out of my head... I grew up with all the Disney movies, which hopefully is why I know all the words to their music!'

On Sunday I had two good rides in Deborah Shuman's Gwendolyn, and Tewksbury's Merlot. Deborah has done a great good with Gwen, already winning at a PVDA show on her. This was her first recognised show and I was hoping to qualify her for next years BLM's. She not only qualified but she won both tests quite convincingly! She's a fun horse to ride so I was happy. Merlot also did very well by winning as well and qualifying for the BLM's.

While we were at Morven Park competing Amy Gaynor was showing in a Combined Test. Amy's horse Jake can be very enthusiastic in the jumping phase so we've been working on that area. She scored a 29 (eventing penalties, not %) in the dressage and then jumped their first ever clear round! I'm very proud of them as they have been working really hard and have had their ups and downs.

So overall Team Chadderton had a super weekend. Everyone won a blue ribbon and all the horses tried their absolute hardest. Everyone showed off their best work and I'm so proud to be associated with each of them. More soon, thanks for taking an interest in our work here. Kate.


amy said...

That really was a fantastic weekend and a true testimony to not only the Tewksbury boarders' hard work but Kate's fantastic instruction as well. My horse and I have progressed more than I could have ever imagined in the short time that I have been at Tewksbury with Kate as my trainer. I can't wait to see what 2009 brings! Thanks so much Kate!

Sam said...

24 degrees is lovely weather in Australia! Not getting soft are you Kate? Well done with the recent comp

Aslo White said...

Better late than never to check out this blog and add my comments...? I hope! Thanks for all the great work you've done with Gwyn. She has progressed so well and I'm really proud of her!

Debbie K. said...

You're a great writer and a great rider - not necessarily in that order. :-) Love the blog...

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