Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I guess this is how they roll in Canadian Eventing.... My active imagination likes to think that someone evaded Border Control at the border and the local constabulary are on the job!

Today was the trot up (US speak, jog) and Cole obviously passed quite well. Almost equally importantly I thought I would be a leader in the fashion stakes. And although I'm sure I was right up there, I don't think I was the best dressed. That honour would have to go to Christian Landholt, who is a member of the ground jury. Hopefully he reads my blog and is sufficiently impressed by my shout out that he gives me an 80 percent tomorrow.... I'm quite excited for my test actually, this is unusual, I normally look forward the jumping more! We ride at 1057 which is the perfect time as far as I'm concerned. The course looks great and has obviously been prepared well. I can't say enough how much I love this event. They really go out of the way to make sure everything works for the riders. This event is obviously the focus, the baby, of the organisers and it shows. Check back tomorrow for more.


Ross Martin said...


and don't swear if you fall off in the water either

victorysporthorses said...

Thanks Rosco!! I've learnt to not swear when I fall off in the water... And I've also learnt not to fall off in the water!! AND I swear the cop car wasn't for me!

marg said...

Was worried that there'd been a cross-border alert to the traffic cops!
Best wishes , Kate!

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