Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pine Top 2015

It's been a successful beginning couple of weeks here in Aiken culminating in the first two events of the 2015 competition season for the upper level horses. Rege Dvorsky's Collection Pass, The Civil Liberty syndicate's VS Civil Liberty, Beth Sokohl's Buckharo, and Beth Sokohl's Try This all competed at both Pine Top Intermediate Horse Trials, and the Pine Top Advanced Horse Trials and put in solid performances at both.
Bucky tackling the ditch wall in fine form
Collection Pass put in an obedient test in both the intermediate and advanced test thanks to the added submission from his Gumbits followed by two solid show jumping rounds and a clear cross country. Cole is feeling prime for the 2015 season and looking in great condition thanks to his Purina Feed.
Cole making easy work of the hammock before the water

Collection Pass putting in an obedient test at the advanced level

Civil Liberty also put in a solid test, with the exception of a few greener moments as he is very new at the level. He is starting to feel much more comfortable with the level as he proved his scope with an impressive clear round in the show jumping at the advanced horse trials. I owe this to his Gumbits which have been helping his submission when he gets nervous in the ring. He also had two incredible clear cross country rounds and is feeling fit to tackle Bromont 2015. He looks especially sharp in his Pierre Renard saddle pads when he's out on course.
Liberty bravely jumping into the water

Buckharo put in two solid performances in the dressage, and the show jumping. Followed by two cross country rounds that barely tired him out. Bucky is the master at using his body smart and conserves as much energy as possible. His Stubben Custom saddle allows his to use his back over the fences and gallop without the weight of a heavy jump saddle.
Bucky blazing through the cross country

Try This, an intermediate level sales horse, has put in two solid performances at both the preliminary and intermediate level. Fairly new to our program he is quickly proving that he is going to be something very special. He put in two clear rounds in both the show jumping and the cross country. T is looking in great condition thanks to his twice daily ration of Purina Feed and is looking in good shape to run a two star in the near future.

Additionally, Jane Gilbert's Contessa won the novice division at Pine Top Intermediate Horse Trials and is looking in fine form to continue competing with Kate and Jane.

The spring season is just around the corner as the horses gear up for The Fork Horse Trials and Carolina International in a few weeks.


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