Thursday, April 16, 2009

Eventing in rain. Again.

This past week has gone by in a flash with so many things going on, one minute I'm planning for the up coming shows, the next I'm checking out the photos on the internet!!! Last weekend Harmony, Buddha and Ivy competed in their first eventing competition which was fantastic. called for rain and rain it did. From 10 on Friday night until 3 Saturday afternoon, and all of my rides where to be completed before 2. So I got wet. Robin got wet. Ashley got the wet. The tack got wet. Even my phone got wet, and goodness knows I am protective of my phone!!!! So you get the picture, it rained. Anyhow we came home with a couple of ribbons and 3 horses who now know what eventing is and are looking forward to the coming shows as much as I am.


We are settling into Taylormade very well with Robert and Kathy being absolutely awesome by accommodating our horses and team. On Wednesday night we had a great wine and cheese night whereby I introduced my riding and training techniques on Lisa Kurr's horse, Royal. This went very well with a good turnout, I look forward to similar evenings in the future.

Austin Doser braving the cold with one of the cutest ponies in the world, Sunny.

I have some great photos to come up later this week. We have a big weekend coming up with Alex Macleod competing at Fair Hill CIC 1Star and Amy Gaynor, Abby Gibbon, Gibby Booth, Deena Kleinerman, Lisa Kurr, Michelle Corbiegh and Brittany Meyer all doing their best to bring home the blues from Redland Horse Trials. Allison Sirna has a race this weekend as well and, going off previous form, should do well.

Take care and look after your horses!!!

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