Monday, July 7, 2014

Hi everyone! Emily Przyborowski, or "Little One", Kate's working student here to give you a bit of an early summer update! So far this summer we've had the pleasure of competing at some awesome venues, hosting an awesome clinic, and just riding some awesome horses!

So far this summer Team Kate Chadderton Eventing has had the pleasure of competing at Waredaca Farm HT, Seneca Valley Pony Club HT, and Surefire HT.  At Waredaca Kate competed some fun young and sale horses in the beginner novice and novice, as well as assistant Rhiannon Bosma, and myself competing in the training level. At the Seneca Valley Pony Club HT Kate competed Buckharo in the intermediate and had a good dressage and show jumping, but withdrew from the cross country due to poor footing. Assistant Rhiannon Bosma, student Rachel Sledzik and myself competed in the training, all with good rounds and clear cross country! The next day she competed Mollinaro Bankline and Bella in the novice, both horses had awesome cross country rounds but picked up a little time because Kate went slow in the poor footing. Finally at Surefire HT, Kate competed Buckharo in the intermediate with a breathtaking cross country round, and the following day competing Bella who scored in the 20s in the dressage! Rhiannon Bosma, Rachel Sledzik and I also competed in the training. As well as Jane Gilbert, Magdelena Valenti, and Amy Gaynor in the beginner novice and novice. With a two week break in events Kate has been much looking foreward to the continuation of the season beginning with the two Maryland Horse Trials at Loch Moy Farm, followed by Millbrook HT in New York.

We also had the pleasure of hosting an Eric Smiley Clinic at Sunset Hill. Kate, her students, and people from all over had the chance to ride with an Irish Olympic Team member, FEI dressage judge, and Olympic Team Selector all rolled into one. The dressage was on the first day, hosted in our indoor arena where everyone noted they had productive rides and learned where they could pick up a few extra little points in their tests. The Show Jumping was on the next, again on the farm, Eric had everyone jumping to the height that was needed by the horse and rider as a whole. The final day was cross country, this was held at Waredaca Farm and everyone said they had an awesome time! We're anxious to get Eric back soon!
See you out there!
-Little One

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