Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chloe with her two favourite charges, Cole and Liberty!

Another busy week here in Aiken with apparently the entire eventing population of America in town to buy horses! No complaints here, it certainly keeps us out of trouble! All of the horses are going well, in particular Cole and Liberty. Both are such different horses: Cole is such an honest and hard worker that gives 110% each day and really draws support and confidence from his rider, and Liberty is so athletic up for any challenge IF he respects his rider. Unfortunately his idea of testing that respect involves a series of well thought out, complicated routines encompassing all his skills including (but not limited to) spooking (forwards, sideways and backwards), bucking and turning around really fast. He has a surprisingly large variation in the combination of these skills. He also perform them at random times, although I would have to say the spooking occurs most often when the Llamas next door are standing at the fence and staring at us. The good news is that all I have to do to get his respect is not fall off! And I pat him on the neck for good measure! His dressage is going very well, his cross country is great and his showjumping is definitely improving. Cole's jumping impresses me so much, he really learns well and doesn't forget his lessons. He's easily becoming one of my favourite horses ever

I'm very lucky to be supported by a wonderful group of owners with the MacLeod, Taggart and McCuan families along with Rege Dvorsky and Jeanne Leone. My students and boarders also give the income and inspiration to chase my dreams, so thank you! Coming up I have Pine Top Advanced and Southern Pines II, with a trip to FL for training and a trip to MD to teach a clinic all mixed in!

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