Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pine Top Advanced

I love starting the season at Pine Top, it always gives the horses such a great feel. This weekend was no different. After having surgery on my broken jaw just 7 weeks ago, and only getting it unwired last week, I was not quite sure how things would go. Add to that an ice storm, an earthquake and no electricity for 5 days, it wasn't an ideal preparation! But it couldn't have gone better. Liberty (C Liberty Syndicate) gave me a super round in his first advanced. After finishing last year battling Lymes disease, Cole (R Dvorsky) is back on form with one of the loveliest xc rounds I've ever had on him. He also produced a really nice clear sj round. Bucky (B Sokohl) was another lovely round. After show jumping clear he made the cross country feel much easier than a green intermediate horse should. Ever consistent Charmer also jumped clear to finish 5th. 4 lovely clears on 4 lovely horses? I'll take it!! My only real moment of worry was actually a very bizarre experience whereby I found myself jumping A) a push bike and B) a person! As I was first on course they clearly didn't realise they were resting against a jump, and I couldn't see them until I was 1 stride away. I would loved to have seen that face as we jumped clean over them!!  Priceless! 

Going forward I feel as tho I'm lacking a bit of fitness, but I'm super happy with how quickly I got my eye back in with only 2 weeks of riding and a couple of jump sessions. I'm very lucky the Boyd and Phillip had the time to keep them jumping for me and that Rhiannon did such a lovely job of schooling them on the flat and getting them fit. Tomorrow I'm riding with George Morris, then back to MD to teach for 2 days. 

I also attended the Eventing Gala Dan Clasing, Liv Stringer and Rhiannon Bosma which was loads of fun. It's always good to have and shower and get dressed up for a change! 


Aslo White said...

You continue to amaze me, Kate. All the best as you wind up the season! Miss you!

Kate Chadderton said...

Come for a visit then?!

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