Monday, February 10, 2014

Pine Top 1 and more.

After competing at Pine Top on the weekend I flew back to DC to teach my second Winter Clinic and, most excitingly, GET MY WIRES OFF! I cannot wait to be able to eat again! Since December last year I haven't been able to eat, cough, sneeze or talk. To say I've been imagining my first meal would be somewhat if an understatement! If this were to go on much longer I'd probably have to check into some type of food obsession clinic to help with my constant cravings! When Dr Gutenberg worked his surgical magic he certainly meant for the wires to stay put. Believe me when I say I've tried everything to loosen or remove them. Except of course cutting them as I would have a difficult time explaining that to the Doc! An 'accidental' removal on the other hand..... I have my first meal all set: it'll be with Beth Sokohl at Tower Oaks on Rockville. I'll order the Pan Fried Rainbow Trout with mashed potato which I'll finish off with the chocolate mousse from their dessert menu. I have also planned my lessons to finish at 7pm, 15 mins to change, 25 mins to drive, 5 mins to seat. If I cut straight to the chase I will be tasting my first meal of the YEAR by 7:55!

The center of my dreams for the past month and a half...

Pine Top was my first competition of 2014, I have missed some of the season but not too much. Originally I was planning to ride Cole (R Dvorsky) and Liberty ( P McCuan, A Wisenberg) in the intermediate, Bucky (B Sokohl) in the prelim and Charmer (B Sokohl)  in the training. With my injury I thought it prudent to drop them all (except Charmer) down a level and make a couple of rider changes. Boyd Martin graciously and generously took the reins of Liberty with Rhiannon capably piloted Bucky. I chose to a combined test on Cole (no Xc). He did a super show jump round for me. 

Obviously riding cross country with ones jaw wired so tightly shut that you can't even sneeze is not ideal. It's quite amazing in just which ways you move your jaw when you're galloping and jumping... I started riding only 4 days ago, so I was a but out of practice to start with. And I hadn't even SEEN a Xc jump since October last year. So it was very carefully that I set out and very quietly and cleanly did we jump. Charmer was super and looks great for Pine Top 2 in a fortnight. I did make one addition to my safety gear, a borrowed polo helmet with full face guard! For my non horsey, or eventing, readers, it's like wearing a football helmet on Centre Court at Wimbledon, not particularly customary! I figured it would protect my face in the event of a fall. There is no way I want to do the wired jaw thing again! 

Look closely at the helmet....

Next I have Paradise on Friday followed by Pine Top Advanced the next weekend. I look forward to bringing you updates from there. 

Another view of the helmet. Thanks Dom for the picture. 


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